Express Services

A collaborative in salon and at home color experience.

We offer express services to save you time and money, while still enjoying the same great salon service.
Less time sitting in the salon chair = more time for real life.

We apply the professional color in salon, wrap it up in our special Bella Style head wraps and you wash the color out at home!

Yes, you heard us right!! We are sending you home with hair color on your hair. 

The Express Chemical Peel fights aging, pigmentation and acne.

Add the Express Peel to your hair color or cut service while you are being shampooed! 

What to expect at the Salon
  1. Check-in, get your head wrap, make sure you have color conserving shampoo and conditioner and change into your robe.

  2. Next, you’ll have a consultation with your stylist who will go over the homecare guide and have you sign a waiver.

  3. Then your color will be applied and we’ll place on your head wrap.

  4. Before you check out, we’ll set a timer on your cell phone for when you need to rinse, make sure you have your home care guide and send you on your way!
What to do at Home
  1. Wait for the color to process (it’s your time, do what you like!)

  2. At the recommended time, follow the instructions on your homecare guide and rinse out your color in the comfort of your own shower.

  3. What you do after that is up to you!