DIY At-Home Facial Routine with Kayla

Kayla demonstrates her at Home Facial Routine. She starts by putting up her hair. Then she cleanses with an AHA/BHA exfoliating cleanser by SkinMedica. This is by far the best cleanser Kayla has ever used. 

After removing with a warm towel, Kayla applies the Barefruit Enzyme Mask by DermaWear. This is a 2 part exfoliator. She applies the first part, the actuarial enzyme, to dry skin and then adds the activator. Wait about 5 minutes, then remove with a warm towel.

She typically does an at home facial about once a month. 

Next comes a steam and a couple of extractions. A favorite is the Kinga High Frequency face scrubber. It is used around the nose.  Then Kayla uses the High Frequency Wand. This helps kill any bacteria from the extractions as well as helps stimulate collagen and promotes healthy, happy skin.

Then, everyone’s favorite part, the facial message. Kayla uses Jojoba oil. It is safe for every skin type, even acne prone skin.

The Elemis Superfood Mask applied with a brush. This helps brighten, calm and hydrate the skin. Kayla likes to roll it with a Rose Quartz Roller, very soothing. Remove this with a warm towel

The finishing products are applied for Kayla’s Nighttime Routine. She uses the Instant Bright Night Cream from SkinMedica, then Lytera 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum. The Lumivive Night serum by Skinmedica, Some HA% Hydrator by SkinMedica and lastly Rejuvenator Moisturizer by SkinMedica are applied. This is followed by an ice roller.

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